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There is something big goin down and it's the Phoenix Coalition. It is something I think that scenario and woodsball and MIL-SIM teams have needed for awhile.
A real organized coalition that helps teams get better organized, better trained by helping to teach tactics and it is a good way for teams to fight side by side at events and work together.
If you think you would be interested in joining the Coalition, please feel free to check out the website and apply for membership (free, just some basic rules) through the Coalition website.
I think it is a very good idea and so has all of the other captains I have talked to about it.
Currently we have four teams listed in the coalition and I am still waiting to hear back from three....
Phoenix Company, TN
Urban Legend, TN
Crazed Velocity, VA
Rogue Squadron, VA

Pending response:
Grim Reapers, KY
Team Sparta, KY
Beaverdam Bandits, VA
Charles County Shooters, MD

Please refer to the following website for Phoenix Coalition information:

Scenario Paintball Team Coalition | My Tag Line

Very Respectfully,

Colt Dickerson, CPT
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