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"Reviewer: Brian from White Lake, MI USA
Finding out that I had to read a least five hundred pages by the end on the first semester of my senior year did not please my very much. But when I got started in this book and read it for a while I began to enjoy it and find some enjoyment that I had not found in any other previous book. Reading Tom Clancy's Op-center made my want to keep reading until the book was finished.
This book took place in another country in the distant future were every thing has changed from what we know it. After have terrorists destroying part of the city, one man and a organization call Op center must try to stop the terrorists before they take over and turn everything form what was good to what would become bad. I highly recommend this book to any one that likes to read a little action sci-fi books. It is a great eye opener and makes you take a look around to see what could become of you cities. --This text refers to the Mass Market Paperback edition "
wow, this 'senior' is either illiterate, or did not read the book while sober
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