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I have a jetblack nintendo gamecube i would like too sell. Comes with all wires needed to work (dur) along with a wireless gray controller (top teir) and a legend of zelda wind waker. Looking for about 70 bucks for it. REally good deal, if you think about it. 1 gamecube game is 55, all this stuff is 70, or even 65-60. Will do trades on it also.

A xbox Video game called Guilty Gear XX Reloded. Awsome fighting game, prob like 15$

I also have a skateboard for sell. Awsome pop on it. Its a habitat, with 2 alluminum royal trucks. Pig barrings, and lucky riseings. Ricta core wheels, and practicly new blackmagic grip. In good condition, sept gfx are sanded off. Like i said thou, awsome pop. Thinking about 50 or sumodd about there.

Also a pimped out tippmann.....which i cant talk about in this forum.

Aim is Unf4ithful Gl0ry

Will take in all four for one gun.
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