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Well i have to have knee surgery so i have to sell this great gun, it is super consistant, extremly accurate, expertly built, and one of a kind, every part has been upgraded just check out the list below

sorry no trades

ONLY $300

i have been working on cockers for about 8 years so i really know how to build them perfect

EVERYTHING has been upgraded It has been VERY well taken care of

Here's what i've done to it, (besides regular tear down and thourough maintance):

Pre 2k Mini Cocker Body (drilled for easy adjustments)

Smartparts AA 14" Stainless back
ANS 3-way (Chrome)
ANS Volume Chamber (Chrome)
Shocktec Ram (Chrome)
Palmer Regulator (silver)
Blue Gas Tubing
Chrome Front Block
Chrome Vertical Adapter
Ans Gen X2 Inline Regulator Chrome and Blue
Chrome Benchmark .45 with SUPER light trigger
Dye stickies
Chrome Bevertail
Chrome Quickpin
Black twist cocking rod
Shocktec Superflybolt
AKA Tornado Valve
Smart.Parts.ON/OFF asa drop (from a dark shocker)
Timed and tuned very nice and consistant
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