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this item is now going to be sold at auction on ebay.. you can view my auction at: my auction

this is a 1 year old 98 custom, used about 20 times so it's used, but loved, i clean it completely right away whenever it breaks a painball, which has only ever happened to me when i run old, or bad paint

i spent alot of time on this gun
customized features include:

polished internals for less wear and less cleaning

modified trigger for shorter and lighter trigger pull

Drop Forward

Expansion chamber with vertical adapter

macro lines with 90 degree fittings

20 ounce co2 with customly installed antisyphon tube

12 ounce co2 with customly installed antisyphon tube

double trigger

i'm also selling:
a ricochet ak hopper
a dye boomstick 14" tippy threads

over all i think this is a pretty wicked paintball gun :devil:
i'm selling because college is coming in the fall, and :mad: :( I NEED MONEY :( :mad:

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How much for RT

How much for Qloader.

Do you have the stock single trigger and trigger guard per chance.

Thanks Robert.

PM me I will find it faster that way.
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