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A quick note about all this, I bought everything on impulse when I had a **** load of money and nothing to spend it on. Since then I used it all about10 times in 2003 and haven't used it since. It's timed, and shoots real well (tested everything when I decided to sell).

Here is everything:

2003 Black Magic Autococker (Blue)

48cu 3000psi Crossfire Compressed Air Tank (Pressure Gage, Fill Cover, and Thread Cap) + Blue Redz Tank Cover

Full Freak Barrel System (Stainless Steel Back, 14" All American Front) all inserts not one bit of damage on anything in the slightest (I guarantee that)

Also I have a aluminum carrying case (Foam inside with locks) for the gun and tank, the freak has its own carrying case, I will include this free and ship the gun and tank inside the case for convienience.

Also I have extra gear avaliable on request if anyone is interested (Will sell individually aswell)

Revvy Electric Hopper Clear Shell, New X-Board (used twice)

JT Spectra Mask (Olive) - Mask Fan (two modes of operation suck and blow) - New Yellow fades to Clear lens (thermal still works too) the fan and the lens has been used twice

Redz 5 pack with belt (size Medium)

Redz Squeegees (the kind that don’t ****ing break)

Field Squeegee

Barrel Condom

And a wide array of spare parts: O-Rings, Velocity Key, Lube, Misc. Gun parts.


Price: $550 for EVERYTHING. My e-mail/msn [email protected]

Leave offers for the other items if you are interested

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