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I was saving that bacon
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im posting this for a friend of mine......

hey,I need money so I'm selling my cocker. Asking $300 OBO. If you like what you see then let me know. all offers will be considered. IM me schwinn05: yahoo or footballstud1023: AOL

2k2 right feed (black)
dye ram (black)
dye lpr (black)
dye PMP 3-way(black)
dye pivot trigger frame (chrome)
dye sticky 3 grips (smoke)
dye boom stick 14" (chrome back w/ black front)
P&P chrome front block
anti chop JAM bolt (white delrin)
Kapp hexed pull pin
Kapp drop forward w/ on off

well, thats my set up, if your interested I have pics.
dye numatics, dye boomstick, dye everything
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