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I have a Icon-E for trade heres the specs.
Total Freak kit 14 inch no damage
Sure Fit clamp feed neck
AKA lightning bolt with aka cocking rod
15 degrees check it assault block
Mad man Rocket valve
32 degrees spring kit
Dark Horizons Titanium striker
Palmars Stabilizer Male
Quick Disconnect steel threaded hoze
sweet spot blade trigger
IS board(unlimited bps with dwell debounce and other settings)
IS switch(a 50g switch touch the trigger and it fires)
IS eyes(a normal break beam eyes goes with board)
IS products are very rare today
Ill through in a free Vforce mask not the rental im not sure which version but its not rental.
2 20 oz co2 tanks
all original parts with gun
some orings
and if you need help with the gun ill try my best im very knowledged with spyders.

I'm asking for 350 dollers for the whole thing which is a great deal if you add up the prices

If you want to trade im looking for a electro pnuematic gun tell me what you got.

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lmao u said dolers, we dont use money here only bottlecaps u need to get in the game thumup:
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