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Tricked out tippy for sale/trade

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Hey (retail prices)

Silver Tippmann 98 Custom ~ (130)

Response trigger ~ (80)

bullet drop forward ~ (40)

Lapco Sight Rail ~ (30)

Expansion Chamber kit ~ (60)

BTB velocity Adjuster ~ (14)

Spyder thread adapter ~ (16)

double trigger kit ~ (25)

J&J barrel spyder threads ~ (40)

20 ounce co2 tank with on/off valve ~ (40)

The Retail Price adds up to $475!!!!!!
I want around 250-275 negotiable

By the way this gun is sweet. I have played with it for the past year and when you start firing people run. The response is super fast!!!

Aim teamblitzkrieg97
MSN [email protected] (My Name is Dr. Phil)
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no one is going to give you more then 200 man, sorry!! tippmans arent the favorite marker, i love them but not every else. im not being rude or anything!! good luck
email me at [email protected] if you want
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