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Well i suppose i'll just type something while im bored.

Wednesday March 26th~

Drove to the airport got there at 8:00 a.m., and the flight was SUPPOSE TO take off at 10:00 a.m. I saw waiting for 10:00 to come around and it did, then i heard,"Flight to Tampa will be delayed until 11:00". So i wasn't that mad, grabbed a few tacos ate, and came back at 10:45. The flight was undergoing flight maintenance and was being fixed, therefore it was delayed until 12:00. Now i was getting mad, we switched gates and boarded another plane at 12:30. We got on, sat down and were ready to take off. Our luggage was being loaded as one of the crew members down below noticed damage to the cargo area. Now i was pissed as hell! They took us off that plane and put us back on the one that had mechanical problems and then finally we took off.

We got in the air and half of the trip was turbulent as hell. What really got me going was what they gave us for a "apology." I expected some free food or something so i had my tray down, but i turned around and had a $5 DOLLAR PHONE CARD to call my family to tell them i would be late! So we got in Tampa and went to my friends house.

Thursday March 27th~


Friday March 28th~

Drank and swam

Saturday March 29th~

Finally my friends and i got up to head to Clearwater Beach. After 30 minutes of driving we got their and immediately started looking for some hot chicks. Unfourtantely some girl hated Remix and back handed me because i grabbed her hips after talking to her for a while. Later in the day i met this chick named Veronica who came back and partied with us at my friends house and got some here and there :). So after that Remix was pretty happy, and pretty wasted.

Sunday March 30th~

Woke up, drove to Buc Bay and went to the water park for a while. While i was up there i happened to notice a chick that i had dated in Michigan that i just kinda let sit and blew her off. Well Remix got slapped again! So i was pissed and figured why not call Veronica up, so i did and a guy answered her phone! i was like "who the "f" is this?" And he said "her dad", so it goes down hill from there and she isn't allowed to come over. So the day ends at Buc Bay and i end up picking up a chick named Christy which she is really nice and kept talking to her to this day.

Monday March 31st~

Flew back, emergency landing (very scary)

Ok im done thanks for wasting your time reading this! Just thought i would share.
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