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Tippmann has the info out for them on their site. Alright, so it's probably been there for a while now and I'm the last one to know. Anyway, lets have a look at them.


There are three versions. In order of increasing features and cost:

The XL - 'The Base Model'

Sold in a power pack for $99.
(Power pack is equal to a mask, a 9oz canister and a 200 round hopper)
8.5" barrel.
- Blue

The XT - 'The Other Model'

Marker with hopper only for $99 or in a power pack at $129.
11" Barrel
Internal Expansion Chamber
Extra Front Handle
- Red

The eXT - 'The Electro Model'

$129 single or in a power pack at $159
Same as the XT in parts, except for the E-grip.
- Red

All use the same barrel threads as the 98 Custom.

No upgrades yet. They say they might plan some.
Most of the internals seem to be stripped right from the 98 and A5 so I can't imagine the home mods possible.
Lets have a look at the internals-

My FTP is acting up so maybe I can put them as an attachment.
Alright, but now you can't see what anything is. I'll put better ones up tomorrow.

Here's a link to the manual if anyone is interested.

Fair warning- it's PDF and 38 pages long.


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