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TSSOC Presents: Dune - Battle for Arrakis - the Tippmann Extravaganza - 8/13-14/11 - EMR Paintball, New Milford, PA

Tri-State Special Operations Command Scenario Paintball Team, partnered with EMR Paintball Park in New Milford, PA, is pleased to announce their upcoming production of the Tippmann Extravaganza. TSSOC Presents: Dune - Battle for Arrakis - a scenario paintball game, on Saturday and Sunday, August 13 and 14, 2011.

House Atreides will be commanded by Michelle "Pickles" McCarthy of Assassins Guild/Joint Fury and her XO will be Daniel "Barney" Alamo of RT's Raiders/Blues Crew

House Harkonnen will be commanded by Eric "Lucky Charms" Delhauer of Zombie Defense Force/ERSA and his XO will be Zevan "Slowpoke" Vanderbilt of the Wildcards.

Join us, as two of the mightiest families in the galaxy confront each other for control of Arrakis and its "spice". Details will be forthcoming but look forward to Giant Sandworms, Bene Geserit Witches, The Weirding Way, Fremen, and Sardaurkar. And remember - he who walks without rhythm, won't attract the worms...

Only $50 prepaid in hand at EMR by 7/30/11 or $60 thereafter and for Day of Event Registration. Pre-Regs by Mail must be Postmarked no later than 7/28/11. or (570) 465-9622 or E.M.R. Paintball Park, 205 Elizabeth Avenue, Hallstead, PA 18822. Any questions, call or email [email protected]

For groups of 25 or more players that prepay by 7/30/11 at one time as one group, there is a $5 per player discount and the organizer or Team Captain gets free entry. For groups of 50 or more players that prepay by 7/30/11 at one time as one group, there is a $10 per player discount and two organizers or Team Captains get free entry.

Paintballs for the EXTRAVAGANZA will be EMR's custom DXS BLUES CREW Warrior Paintballs and will sell for $80.19 per case of 2000 plus 6% PA sales tax: Total $85.00 per case. If you pay cash for a case of paintballs at the event, there is a cash discount of $4.71 a case making the price per case $75.48 plus 6% PA sales tax: Total $80 per case. If you purchase 10 cases at one time in a single purchase, you will receive a $5 discount per case. If you purchase 25 cases at one time in a single purchase, you will receive a $10 discount per case. All bulk purchases must be completed at the event inside the store. No bulk purchases can be made in the Registration Lines. Only EMR's custom DXS BLUES CREW Warrior Paintballs may be used for the EMR Extravaganza. For more information, please visit EMR PAINTBALL PARK | Scenario Paintball | Recball | Tournament Paintball | Castle Conquest | Paintball Safety

4:00 PM Store Opens for Registration and Paint Sales: Chrono put out for Self Chrono
5:00 PM Compressed Air & CO2 Stations Open
7:30 PM International Paintball Museum Opens: Hosted by Team CARTER'S COMMANDOS
8:00 PM PLAYER'S PARTY starts upstairs in Rec. Center
9:00 PM Movie Starts in the Picnic Pavillion
9:30 PM International Paintball Museum Closes
10:00 PM Store, Compressed Air, & CO2 Stations Close
12:00 PM Player's Party Over and Rec. Center Closes

8:00 AM Store, Pre-Registration and Registration Windows, Compressed Air Stations, CO2 Stations, Paint Sales, OPEN FOR BUSINESS
10:30 AM Chrono Closes for Safety Orientation and Game Rules. Safety Orientation and Game Rules Given at Stage beside Picnic Pavilion
12:00 PM Game on for TSSOC Presents: Dune - Battle for Arrakis
7:00 PM Game stand down for Dinner Break, Museum Opens, Chrono opens for Nighttime Play, must be checked again-under 250 fps for all markers.
8:00 PM Night Play begins
11:00 PM Game Stand down. Store and Air Closes

7:00 AM Store, Chronos, Compressed Air Stations, CO2 Stations, and Paint Sales OPEN
9:00 AM Game on
1:30 PM Game Stand down for Final Battle
2:15 PM Final Battle begins
2:45 PM TSSOC Presents: Dune - Battle for Arrakis Game Over
3:15 PM Prize Giveaways and Awards Ceremony
4:15 PM Store Closes
4:15 PM Hanging out and relaxing by the bunkhouses and pond. Fishing, Horseshoes, Volleyball, Bon Fire, Eating, Drinking

House Atreides
Assassins Guild/Joint Fury
RT's Raiders
Jawbreaker/Joint Fury
BIT'M/Joint Fury
Fighting 5-0/Joint Fury
40oz Casualities/Joint Fury
Sofa Kingdom
PA Brew Crew
Pub Crawling
Rubber Duckies/518th Brigade
Special Ops Paintball
Burley Bastards
Assault and Battery

House Harkonnen
Zombie Defense Force/ERSA
Red Raiders/ERSA
Glowing Goblins
Exiled Souls
Team Shame
Delta Paintball Team

Interested, but uncommitted
Reservoir Dogs
Northeastern Assassin's
Mouthy Mimes

Please keep an eye on this first post for updates, like the schedule, rules, maps, and so on.

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A message from Blue,

Anyone that attends The Tippmann Extravaganza - TSSOC Presents: Dune - The Battle for Arrakis gets FREE Entry into the RED vs BLUE game the following Saturday at OXCC pitting Greg Hastings against Blue in a one day big game. You just need to bring your ID tag to OXCC from Dune.

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Safety Rules
1) Field Paint/Grenades Only!

2) All players must chronograph their markers at or below 285 fps. Referees will be checking chrono both at the range and on the field.

3) Goggles On at ALL times in the play area!

4) Use Barrel Sleeve at ALL times when not in play. (Barrel Plugs are not acceptable barrel blocking devices). When shot, put your barrel sleeve on quickly and raise your marker above your head to indicate you are eliminated. This will help keep you from getting over-shot.

5) No blind firing! If you’re not looking at your target, it is NOT okay! Looking through cracks/holes in bunkers while shooting over/around is also prohibited.

6) Optional Surrender Rule – If you approach within 15 feet of another player and they are unaware of your presence, you have the option of offering them a surrender. If they call themselves out, do NOT shoot them! If they turn to fire, go for it. It behooves everyone to offer and accept surrenders! This helps prevent overshooting at close-range.

7) Barrel-tagging is allowed. The player must GENTLY touch the opposing player with the side of his barrel which must remain on the marker. Other devices for barrel-tagging (toy swords, daggers, etc) MUST be approved by Scenario-Control prior to being allowed on-field. Scenario control will mark approved barrel-tagging devices.

8) A referee’s call on the field stands. The Game Producers, field owner, or head refs will not reverse the call of a referee. So make sure you wipe off old hits, keep your masks down, etc…

9) NO MARKERS WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE COMMAND POST (CP) AT ANY TIME, EVEN WITH A BARREL COVER. The CP is not to be used as a bunker. There is no shooting into or out of the CP at any time.

10) Whistle blasts will signify the start and end of play. If you hear a whistle blast in the middle of the day, STOP FIRING IMMEDIATELY! Take a knee, marker down and wait for instructions from a referee. This is for a safety stoppage! A whistle will also signify a resumption of play.

11) Once you indicate that you are out, whether by yelling “OUT!” or raising an arm or marker above your head, you are out, regardless of whether or not you are hit.

12) No pyrotechnics, hot-burning smoke, firearms, knives, airsoft, or any paintball caliber other than .68, laser sights. No fighting, drinking, or drugs.

13) Night-play chrono speed is 250 fps – players will not be allowed on-field for night-play until they’ve been rechronographed.

Game Rules:
1) Dead men don’t talk! Keep your mouth shut when you are out. Keep the game fair.

2) There is a 20 minute clock on insertions with a 5-minute window. Players will be immediately live upon entering the field of play. There is a taped-area surrounding each side’s insertion area. Opposing players are not allowed within this insertion buffer area in order to help prevent insertion camping and help facilitate a break-out if needed.

3) If you find another player’s ID tag or arm tape, please bring it to a ref or scenario control. You may NOT put on an enemy’s armband tape unless you have a special player-card allowing you to do so. Under no circumstance may you utilize an opposing player’s ID tag.

4) If you are eliminated, all props MUST be dropped where you are killed. This does not apply to special-role cards, special attack cards, or mission cards. ONLY MISSION CARDS MAY BE PASSED FROM A DEAD PLAYER TO A LIVE PLAYER. If you are barrel-tagged, or surrendered, and the attacking player says “I search your body!” you must also relinquish any currency (Water). Currency must be handed over ONLY if you were barrel-tagged or forced to surrender!

5) Medics – Each team will have the same number of medics available to them throughout the game. Medics may heal players by applying a bandage to the injured player. The medic MUST go to you! If you move prior to the medic’s arrival, you are out and must reinsert at your CP. Medics cannot heal headshots, special attacks, grenades/rockets/C4/etc… Each individual player can be healed multiple times, however those bandages given to the player are considered used. When finally eliminated, each player who walks off field to reinsert should drop the bandages at the insertion point so they can make their way back on field. There is a finite number of bandages available, and by failing to do this, you are hurting your own team.

6) There may be role-players on the field at points during the game. You may want to shoot them, but you may not. They could be important for your team…or they may just have a bone to pick with anyone who looks at them funny…

7) Some Missions may require special “tools” or items to complete them. These needs will be noted on the mission card. Be sure you have what you need, or else you will not receive points for that mission!

8) Currency: In-Game Currency will be available to Generals and players to purchase special items/roles/attacks throughout the game. Currency may be found on-field, or distributed through other creative means. Currency is NOT worth points, but is used to facilitate gaining an advantage over your opposition.

9) There will be a number of special roles/items of different type available for purchase throughout the day. Your general will be provided with a menu describing the roles/items and their prices. To purchase items, see the nearest Guild Representatives.

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Scoring Rules
Each team has the ability to earn the same number of points. Point values for missions, and props are all pre-determined. Points will be awarded for Spice, Completion of Missions, and the Final Battle.

1) There are nine Spice Patches scattered across the play area. Each hour on the 30, three randomly chosen patches will become active allowing for the harvesting of spice. Each team has two spice-harvesters with which to gather that spice. Spice will be awarded at each of the three patches to whichever team has their harvester in-place within the active spice patch at the end of the hour. At the Spice Patches, the Spice will only be distributed to a live/active spice harvester. NOTE: Not all active Spice Patches are guaranteed the same spice-yield, so choose wisely!

2) Missions will be provided every hour, on the 00. They will be pre-written and in the CP, and distributed at the appropriate time by the CP referee. Some missions may have multiple parts, some will involve props, and/or special roles. Missions will be given to the General or XO at the appropriate time and a mission referee will be provided if necessary for that mission. The point value of each mission will be written on the mission cards.

3) Besides being distributed at the Spice Patches, Spice can be found scattered across the play area throughout both days of play. When players find spice, they should bring them to their general for storage in/near/behind the CP, or wherever the General would prefer. Spice may NOT be taken off-field for any reason unless being transported to Scenario Control in an approved Spice Transportation Case. Any prop illegitimately taken off field will be reclaimed and any point-value will be forfeited.

4) Transporting Spice off-field to trade for points: Each hour, the market-value of spice will change based on the spin of a wheel. During that hour, the point value for each unit of spice will be displayed at the Guild (Scenario Control). It is the general’s discretion when they will turn in their Spice for points, depending on the market value.

Each team’s general will be provided with a COURIER CASE intended solely for the transportation of spice to Scenario Control. Only Spice brought in the case can be traded for points. There is a maximum amount of spice that can be transported in the case at a time, so don’t be surprised if it takes multiple trips to exchange all of your spice for points in a given hour. The procedure for transporting spice is as follows:
- General tells CP Referee she/he wishes to transport spice to the Guild
- General counts out spice while CP Referee fills out sale invoice
- CP Referee verifies count of spice, seals case with invoice inside
- Case is given to a LIVE player to transport from CP off-field
- If player is hit, he must drop the spice, but may retain the case.
- When a player carrying the case steps past the insertion ref, he will check the player for hits. ANY hit, whether old or fresh, will render that player as dead, and the spice will be confiscated. MAKE SURE THERE ARE NO HITS ON YOUR SPICE COURIERS.
- This process is deliberately long: If your CP gets overrun and spice stolen prior to the count being completed, it is gone! So timing is everything!

At the end of each session of play (Saturday Day, Saturday Night, Sunday), teams will have 15 minutes following the final-whistle to bring any additional Spice to Scenario Control to be counted for points. Any Spice not brought to Scenario Control within the 15-minute window will not be scored. This last Spice brought off-field each session is the only Spice allowed off-field not in the Courier Case. It will be subject to a final non-negotiable spin of the wheel to determine its point value.

6) Final Battle – There will be a Final Battle following regular play on Sunday. It will be worth more points than the regular missions, so make sure you’re available to your team for the final push of the game!

Special Roles/Cards:
Throughout the day players may be asked to fulfill special roles by their general. Some of the roles are permanent, some are short-term 30-minute roles, others are one-time use items of tremendous power. If you encounter one and are unsure what to do, consult the card itself, or ask a referee to help facilitate. Each general will have knowledge of each role/card’s function, so feel free to ask them questions too.

Other Rules
1) Spice Harvesters – Special rules: Spice Harvesters will essentially be governed by what should be familiar as “tank rules”. The harvesters cannot be eliminated by paintballs. They CAN be eliminated by rockets fired from approved launchers, or by C4 tossed gently within a 5 foot radius of the harvester. Harvesters cannot be healed by a medic. Harvesters must be brought back to the CP when eliminated, where they can be reinserted with a new live driver immediately at the general’s discretion.

2) Launchers - Each team will be allowed the use of rocket launchers. They must be approved, inspected, and tagged by Scenario Control prior to being brought on-field. Launchers must chrono below 230fps. Launchers may be on the field at any time, however the player carrying the launcher may only carry three rockets on the field at a time. Nobody else may carry rockets for the user of the device. Approved rockets fired from launchers at single structures will eliminate all personnel in or touching the structure. Rockets that strike Spice Harvesters will eliminate the Harvesters. Larger structures will be divided into destroyable “sections” by the referees at their discretion. Before shooting a rocket, call for a ref! It is your responsibility to make sure a ref sees your rocket fired, otherwise no eliminations will be made! Once a player expends his rockets, he may call himself out, and retrieve spent rockets. At this point he is a dead player, and all rules that apply to dead players apply to him as well.

3) At the discretion of a referee, you may be given a punch on your ID card for rule infractions. This punch is your only warning. A second punch means you are removed from the field with no refund. Punch-able infractions include, but are not limited to, mask-lifting, overshooting, blind-firing, and excessive foul-language. Severe infractions may result in the players’ immediate removal from the property. Depending on the severity of the infraction, your team may be removed as well. So have fun and be safe!

4) The field border will be marked by a yellow boundary tape. No shooting across boundary tape! There may be parts of the field where the boundary tape cuts in on the field of play. Do not shoot across it! Your paintballs must remain in the field of play to count as a hit.


6) Armband tape MUST be worn by all players visibly on one ARM (as specified during the pre-game briefing). Generals MUST, and is the only person permitted to wear armband tape on BOTH ARMS.

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Ten days until pre-reg closes. EMR Paintball Park Save yourself time and money. Also, if you register after the 29th, sides will not be guaranteed.

Reminder message from Blue,

Anyone that attends The Tippmann Extravaganza - TSSOC Presents: Dune - The Battle for Arrakis gets FREE Entry into the RED vs BLUE game the following Saturday at OXCC pitting Greg Hastings against Blue in a one day big game. You just need to bring your ID tag to OXCC from Dune.

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Pre-reg closes in 5 days. EMR Paintball Park Registration fee goes from $50 to $60.

From the Spacing Guild...

The sandstorms of Arrakis are getting stronger and stronger. Visibility is limited. It is forecasted that there will be an opening in the storms to allow forces of Harkonnen and Atreides to touch down in twenty days.

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The sandstorms of Arrakis have dissipated a bit and revealed the following image. Atreides will use the yellow insertion on Saturday and the green insertion on Sunday. Harkonnen will use the green insertion on Saturday and the yellow insertion on Sunday. Nightplay map is the same.
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