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Tri-State Special Operations Command Scenario Paintball Team, partnered with OXCC Paintball in Chesapeake City, MD, is pleased to announce their upcoming production of REDSTAR: UPRISING - a scenario paintball game, on Saturday, September 13th, 2014.

They came. Just like they came to every frontier mankind has ever known. For the settlers of Mars, it was no different. Men, women and children left the safety of Earth for a hostile, alien world. They came for a new life… opportunity... a chance to strike it rich. For fifteen generations, the iron fist of the UNITED EARTH AUTHORITY, the powerful, planet-spanning government of humanity’s homeworld, has molded and shaped Mars to fit its own needs: Terraforming the planet, establishing cities, plundering its natural resources and establishing the MARS COLONIAL MILITIA to impose and maintain their hold over the people of Mars. Under their watch, Mars has become a backwater mining colony of the UEA, with most of its mineral wealth benefiting the people of Earth.

Until the explosion…

It happened without warning. Phobos, one of the two moons of Mars, was obliterated in a fireball that lit up the Martian sky. The debris from the moon devastated the surface of Mars, killing millions and shattering cities, with desperate survivors fleeing underground to seek shelter from the destruction above. Opportunity, however, often comes even in the wake of great tragedy, for within the very rocks that wrought so much suffering and pain upon Mars lay the very key to its restoration. Not long after the first meteors fell to the surface, it was discovered that the rocks contained an element of immense power. Designated “Phobosium” by Martian scientists, the power of this element has the potential to revolutionize human space travel. As such, Phobosium is extremely valuable, and thus, highly sought-after, and news of its incredible power has reached the farthest corners of the Solar System, and the highest echelons of the UEA.

The powers of Earth, however, will not be denied. By decree, the United Earth Authority has laid claim to all current and future Phobosium supplies, seeking to deprive the people of Mars their only hope of rebuilding their shattered world. With reports of United Earth Authority cruisers and transports, loaded with troops and equipment, en route to Mars to steal this priceless resource, the Mars Colonial Militia has mobilized to fight their former overseers and secure their planet’s newest and most precious commodity and preparing to fight for their very independence as yet another wave of Phobosium meteors approach the planet…


Commanding the United Earth Authority (UEA) will be James “Alpha” Graham of Ambush Alpha. Supporting Alpha in the Command Tent will be his chosen XO (to be announced), and United States Military Academy Cadet Patrick Bauk and other West Point cadets.

Commanding the Mars Colonial Militia (MCM) will be Todd Sullivan of the War Hounds. Supporting Todd in the Command Tent will be his chosen XO (to be announced), and United States Naval Academy Midshipman Jake Morris and other Annapolis midshipmen.

Pre-Registration Entry will be $45 (Pre-Reg opens on Saturday, June 7 and closes Friday, September 5 at midnight), Day of Event Registration will be $55.

Pre-reg Event Paint will be $55 per case and Day of Event Paint will be $65.

7:00 AM - Store, pre-registration and registration windows, compressed air, paint sales open
7:30 AM - Chrono open
9:00 AM - Safety Orientation and Game Rules (chrono and compressed air close during briefing)
4:30 PM - Stand down for final battle
5:00 PM - Final battle
5:45 PM - Awards and scores

For more information, please visit Tri-State Special Operations Command Paintball Team - Official Web Site
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