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Tri-State Special Operations Command scenario paintball team, partnered with Island Paintball on Oahu, Hawaii, is pleased to announce our upcoming production of Shogun - A Scenario Paintball Game, on Saturday, January 22nd and 23rd, 2011.

It is the year 1548 and Japan is in turmoil. There is no order in the land as various clans attempt to assert themselves as the true military might of Japan. The Emperor wishes to unify his country under his divine rule, but he will need the backing of a strong military force to attain his ambitions. The Emperor has sent retainers to the Daimyo of each of two of the mightiest clans, instructing them to prove their worth in battle, and earn a place as leader of the Emperor's elite military force. These two will battle over this land and hopefully earn favor from the Emperor and be named as Shogun of all Japan. Choose your side, fight for domination of feudal Japan at Island Paintball January 22nd and 23rd, 2011 at SHOGUN: A TSSOC Scenario Paintball Production.

The main factions for the game will be...
Generals will be announced soon!

Pre-Registration Entry will be $55, Day of Registration will be $60, which includes CO2/HPA.

Paint will be $55, $60 and $65 per case, field paint only.


For more information, please visit Tri-State Special Operations Command Paintball Team - Official Web Site

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Rules Part 1:

Safety Rules
1) Field Paint/Grenades Only!
2) All players must chronograph their markers at or below 280 fps. Referees will be checking chrono both at the range, and on the field.
3) Goggles On at ALL times in the play area!
4) Use Barrel Sleeve at ALL times when not in play. (Barrel Plugs are not acceptable barrel blocking devices). When shot, put your barrel sleeve on quickly, and raise your marker above your head to indicate you are eliminated. This will help keep you from getting over-shot.
5) No blind firing! If you’re not looking at your target, it is NOT okay! Looking through cracks/holes in bunkers while shooting over/around is also prohibited.
6) Optional Surrender Rule – If you approach within 15 feet of another player and they are unaware of your presence, you have the option of offering them a surrender. If they call themselves out, do NOT shoot them! If they turn to fire, go for it. It behoves everyone to offer and accept surrenders! This helps prevent overshooting at close-range.
7) Barrel-tagging is allowed. The player must GENTLY touch the opposing player with the side of his barrel which must remain on the marker. Other devices for barrel-tagging (toy swords, daggers, etc) MUST be approved by Scenario-Control prior to being allowed on-field. Scenario control will mark approved barrel-tagging devices.
8) The field border will be marked by a yellow boundary tape. The boundary tape may dog-leg on occasion. You may not shoot across these tape-lines. Your paintballs must remain in-bounds just like you.
9) A referee’s call on the field stands. The Game Producers, field owner, or head refs will not reverse the call of a referee. So make sure you wipe off old hits, keep your masks down, etc…
10) NO MARKERS WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE COMMAND POST (CP) AT ANY TIME, EVEN WITH A BARREL COVER. The CP is not to be used as a bunker. There is no shooting into or out of the CP at any time.
11) Whistle blasts will signify the start and end of play. If you hear a whistle blast in the middle of the day, STOP FIRING IMMEDIATELY! Take a knee, marker down and wait for instructions from a referee. This is for a safety stoppage! A whistle will also signify a resumption of play.
12) Once you indicate that you are out, whether by yelling “OUT!” or raising an arm or marker above your head, you are out, regardless of whether or not you are hit.
13) No pyrotechnics, hot-burning smoke, firearms, knives, airsoft, or any paintball caliber other than .68, laser sights. No fighting, drinking, or drugs.

Special Roles:
There are several Special Roles that may become available to you throughout the day.
Sapper – These are the ONLY players who are able to handle Satchel Charges or other explosives. They are also the only players able to set booby-traps. Sapper cards do not expire and will last for the entire game, but may be transferred to another player during the game.
Engineer – These are the ONLY players who are able to repair destroyed structures. They are also the only players able to DISARM booby-traps. Engineer cards do not expire and will last for the entire game, but may be transferred to another player during the game.
Cannoneer – These are the ONLY players who are able to use Nerf Launchers. They may carry 3 rockets on-field with them at a time. Cannoneers will be short-term roles: They will expire 30 minutes after issue.
Diplomat – A Diplomat cannot be killed. The Diplomat is not able to engage in any game-related action, including picking-up props, placing or removing banners, destroying CPs, transporting props, killing enemy players. Diplomats are to be used for safe negotiations with enemy players/CP. He IS allowed to gather visual intelligence on the field, and communicate it to his teammates. Diplomats CAN NOT carry additional special cards (sapper, ninja, engineer, etc...) Diplomats will be short-term roles: They will expire 30 minutes after issued. Diplomats will be escorted by a referee to ensure that player’s safety.
Ninja – A Ninja is a combination of a spy and an assassin. A Ninja is the ONLY player who is able to don an enemy’s armband tape (but retains his own player card). A Ninja can function in many ways, including barrel-tagging players, gaining intel, and assassinating the enemy General. If you are given a Ninja Card, present it to scenario control, and you will be provided with enemy armband tape. Ninjas will be short-term roles: They will expire 30 minutes after being issued.

Game Rules:
1) Dead men don’t talk! Keep your mouth shut when you are out. Keep the game fair.

2) Re-insertions will be at the red or blue banner near the entrance to the field. Players do not need to go to their CP to insert. There is no clock on insertions: Instant insertions all day at your insertion banner.

3) If you find another player’s ID tag or arm tape, please bring it to a ref or scenario control. You may NOT put on an enemy’s armband tape unless you have an active Ninja player-card.

4) If you are eliminated, all props MUST be dropped where you are killed (including Satchel Charges). This does not apply to special-role cards, special attack cards, or mission cards. If you are barrel-tagged, or surrendered, and the attacking player says “I search your body!” you must also relinquish any currency. Currency must be handed over, but ONLY if you were barrel-tagged or forced to surrender!

5) War-Chests: Each CP will have a War-Chest to store props that they’ve attained throughout the game. Props in the War-Chest are protected from theft with the exception of a CP-Sack (explained below). Props don’t HAVE to be stored there, but in the event that a CP is over-run, the props within the Chest are protected. Props may NOT be brought off-field, unless being brought to Scenario Control.

6) CP Sacking: CPs can be “sacked” by having a SAPPER placing or throw-gently - special Satchel Charges so that they make contact with the CP. The Satchel Charge or the Sapper carrying it must physically make contact with the CP in order for the “sacking” to be successful. IT IS THE SAPPER’S RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE THAT A REFEREE SEES AND COUNTS THE THROW/TOUCH. After a successful CP Raid, one of the attacking players will be allowed to choose 2 props from that CP’s War-Chest, and given clear access back to his own CP with those props. That CP will not be able to be “raided” again for 1 hour, however it will be able to function as a command center after 15 minutes. This will be denoted by a white flag hanging on the CP itself. Launchers do NOT take out CPs! Only the specially marked Satchel Charges do. NOTE: A destroyed CP WILL render anyone INSIDE or touching the CP dead, including command elements, and they will have to re-insert at one of their insertion points. Nobody will be allowed into the CP for 15 minutes following a successful CP Sack.

7) There will be role-players on the field at points during the game. You may want to shoot them, but you may not. They could be important for your team… or they may just have a bone to pick with anyone who looks at them funny…

8) Some Missions may require special “tools” or items to complete them. These needs will be noted on the mission card. Be sure you have what you need, or else you will not receive points for that mission!

9) Currency: In-Game Currency will be available to Generals and players to purchase special items/roles/attacks throughout the game. Currency may be found on-field, or distributed through other creative means. Currency is NOT worth points, but is used to facilitate gaining an advantage over your opposition.

10) Role-playing: Role-playing on and off-field is encouraged. Please note that while off-field, Role-play is only expected within the designated zone around scenario-control. Otherwise, be respectful of players who are not “playing” but eating, reloading paint, etc...

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Rules Part 2:

Scoring Rules
Each team has the ability to earn the same number of points. Point values for missions, and props are all pre-determined, including Sunday’s Final Battle. Points will be awarded for possession of “Flag Stations,” props, General Kills/Assassinations, and completion of missions.

1) Each team will have two Battle-Standards. There are 5 “Flag Stations” potentially worth points each on the 30min/00min marks. They will be clearly-marked locations with a pvc tube mounted to a platform. Each Battle-standard must be placed in one of the Flag Stations to score points on the 30min/00min marks. The Flag Stations will be worth 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 points; the closest to your own team’s CP being worth the least, the station furthest from your CP being worth the most. It is your team’s choice at which Flag Stations you will attempt to place your two Battle-standards each half-hour. THE ONLY TIME YOU MAY TOUCH AN OPPOSING TEAM’S BATTLE-STANDARD, IS TO REMOVE IT FROM A FLAG-STATION, AND LAY IT ON THE GROUND IMMEDIATELY NEXT TO THE FLAG STATION.

2) Missions will be provided every hour. They will be prewritten and in the CP, and distributed at the appropriate time by the CP referee. Some missions may have multiple parts, some will involve props, and/or special roles. Missions will be given to the General or XO at the appropriate time, and a mission referee will be provided if necessary for that mission. The point value of each mission will be written on the mission cards.

3) Props worth game-points are as follows – Silver Bars, Gold Bars, and Ornamental Katanas. Props may NOT be taken off-field for any reason unless being taken to Scenario Control, until the end of each day of play. Any prop taken off field will be reclaimed, and any point-value will be forfeited. At the end of each day, teams will have 10 minutes following the final-whistle to bring props to Scenario Control to be counted for points. Any props not turned-in to Scenario Control prior within the 10-minute window will not be scored.

4) General Kills/Assassinations – Any time the opposing General is eliminated 10 points will be earned for your team. If the opposing General is assassinated by a Ninja, he earns 50 points for his team. ONLY a Ninja can Assassinate a General. All other kills count as General Kills only. The General can be killed the same ways as any other player.

5) Final Battle – There will be a Final Battle at the end of the day on Sunday. It will be worth more points than the regular missions, so make sure you’re available to your team for the final push of the game!

Other Rules
1) Launchers - Each team will be allowed 1 launcher on the field at a time. However, “Cannoneer” Cards must be purchased from Scenario Control for the Launcher to be allowed into play. Launchers must be approved, inspected, and tagged by Scenario Control. Launchers must chrono below 230fps. Launchers may be on the field at any time, however the player carrying the launcher may only carry 3 rockets on the field at a time. Nobody else may carry rockets for the user of the device. Approved rockets fired from launchers at single structures will eliminate all personnel in or touching the structure. Larger structures will be divided into destroyable “sections” by the referees at their discretion. Before shooting a rocket, call for a ref! It is your responsibility to make sure a ref sees your rocket fired, otherwise no eliminations will be made! Once a Cannoneer expends his rockets, he may call himself out, and retrieve spent rockets. At this point he is a dead player, and all rules that apply to dead players apply to him as well.
2) At the discretion of a referee, you may be given a punch on your ID card for rule infractions. This punch is your only warning. A second punch means you are removed from the field with no refund. Punch-able infractions include, but are not limited to, mask-lifting, overshooting, blind-firing, and excessive foul-language. Severe infractions may result in the players’ immediate removal from the property. Depending on the severity of the infraction, your team may be removed as well. So have fun and be safe!
3) No shooting across boundary tape! There may be parts of the field where the boundary tape cuts in on the field of play. Do not shoot across it! Your paintballs must remain in the field of play to count as a hit.
5) Armband tape MUST be worn by all players visibly on one ARM (as specified during the pre-game briefing). Generals MUST, and is the only person permitted to wear armband tape on BOTH ARMS.

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Save time & money and pre-register for the game. $55 for pre-reg, $60 at the door.

Pre-register by Paypal to [email protected]

Send the following information along with your payment:
Name (real name):
Phone number:
Nickname (allows access to the private areas of the forums):
Team affiliation (if any):
What side you wish to play:

Side-choice is requested, NOT guaranteed.

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One week to go!

Pre-Registration is $55 ($60 at-the-door), includes CO2 or HPA fills, free camping! Send Paypal to [email protected]
Cell phone:
Zip Code:
Did you play last year?
Camping: Group site or has own
Friends plays with
How did you find out about the scenario
Age: Birthday:

Saturday, January 22:
7:30 AM - Registration & Paint Sales Open
9:15 AM - Player Pre-game Briefing
10:00 AM - Game On
6:00 PM - Saturday Play ends

Sunday, January 23:
7:30 AM - Registration & Paint Sales Open
8:30 AM - Player Briefing
9:00 AM - Game On!
12:00 PM - Stand-down before Final Battle
12:30 PM - Final Battle!
1:00 PM - Game Ends
1:30 PM - Awards Ceremony and Prizes

Stay for the end, as our friends from Tippmann, Guerrilla Air, Empire, and others have donated some great prizes!
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