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This gun package is great for begginers. It comes with Icon E electronic marker, goggles, 2 pods,pod holder,empire realoader,1000 painbally and more.If your are looking to get into painball this is a great gun. It is practically brand new I have not even played in any wars with it,less than 100 rounds through it.I am more into airsofting now(less expensive) and I need the money for a new gun. I am sellin the whole package for 150-200.It also comes with baterries for gun and the hopper..Pic up soon

This is a stock image. Exactly what it looks like though.

As if the clean design isn't enough wait until you shoot it. Even a novice player will master this trigger the first time out. Better buy an extra case of paint.

-Adjustable Dip Switch Panel
-Semi, 3 Burst, 6 Burst, and Full Auto firing modes
-Advanced Electronic Trigger Frame
-Fore Grip with Expansion Chamber
-Up to 13 Shots/sec
-Controlled Rate of Fire
-All-in-one Custom Sight Rail with beavertail
-Low Pressure
-Quick Disconnect Pin
-Custom Vertical Feed Port
-Custom Anodizing and Milling
-All New Style Ball Detent
-Rear Velocity Adjuster w/ lock.

Again stock photo. Mine is clear shell.
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