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Starting price is $250 obo which is flexible. Haven't used it in a while which is the reason I'm selling.

Dye Ultralite 45 frame
Shocktech adjustable feedneck (jewels fell out though)
New Designz detents
Proto on/off
Hybrid Gunslinger grips

The new Matrix Rail features incredible 3D body styling, a new bottom line adapter, a new dual durometer adjustable feed neck, a new fully adjustable dual-durometer trigger, a new lower pressure bolt kit, metal logo inserts and a unique dual-durometer polymer grip frame with comfort grip for easy carrying and interchangeable trigger guard. We've designed the new Matrix Rail with the goal of providing you with the best performance at a reasonable cost.

Matching single piece Proto barrel
Hyper2 in-line air regulator
Anti-chop eye system
Composite eyeplate
150psi operating pressure with Boost Forward technology
Continuous three-dimensional contoured body design
Compact and lightweight body styling
Proto dual-durometer sticky grips
LED program control
Re-engineered 1 piece bolt system
Adjustable dual-durometer trigger sensitivity and rate of fire
Stamped metal insert logo
New Proto bottom line
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