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So I'm a huge spider man fan always have been always will be. So the first chance I got I ran out and picked this up. It was like a roller coaster... amazing but way to short let me explain...

Graphics... 9/10 Spiderman will always belong in a comic book style video game. This also means grpahics. I didn't like how previous games went for the "real" look. This game has some form of cell shading to it, its not overly done and it works. Although Venom was purple on my TV, maybe it was just my TV?

Controls... 10/10 Nice and tight and thats needed for swinging around downtown. No sluggish controls. It is very fun to just swing around with spider man or jump rooftops with venom.

Storyline... 6/10 The story line is ok in this game. There is no central point really other than venom bad spiderman good. Plus it kinda just throws you into the Spiderman Ultimate universe one which I am kinda uncertain with. Doesn't hurt the story much though. I like the original story for carnage better anyway.

Gameplay... 10/10 This game is fun. Wether it be absorbing people as venom or folding them in two, or as spiderman swinging around or hanging people up by lamp posts. Combos in the game are sorta lacking in the sense you just mash the kick or punch button. Granted you are rewarded with some nices moves but there is no depth.

Overall... 7/10 Very fun would be great for a boring weekend as a RENTAL. I beat this game in 5-6 hours... granted that was doing straight story line missions and not really branching off. The rewards though were all cosmetic so they didn't justify the extra work from me. All in all guys rent this game I'm returning my tomorrow for X-Men Legends II. It was fun but you probably don't want to buy it.
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