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I have an autococker with Palmers rock reg, freak system, Dye sticky grips, WGP Hinge trigger, Dye 3-way, Pure Energy Regulator, Drop forward, and i'll throw in a 112 CI. 4,500 PSI tanks for $15(it needs new valve which costs 60$ to fix) and i'm also selling a Tricked Out Spyder Compact with Tear drop barrel, Ventuire bolt, drop forward, Dye Sticky grips, a shorter pull trigger(not electric), Revvy hopper, Harness, 2 gravity feed hoppers, and parts and spring kit for it.
I'm willing to sell all this stuff for $450 or OBO.

AIM: ATownPimpin43
E-mail: [email protected]

P.S. The picture that says Autococker is the Spyder gun and the Picture that says spyder is the autococker.

P.S.S. The autococker picture doesn't show all the upgrades b/c i took the picture b4 i got the upgrades(same goes for the spyder


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