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Hi I'm selling my Kingman Syder VS3, I do not want to but unfortunately with the economy the way it is I don't have a choice. I've only used the gun a few times. $300 OBO takes it all.
Upgrades include:
-Virtue board
-Full CP air system with shut off valve
-Virtue break beam eyes
-an upgraded pressure Guage reads up to 1200psi

GUN AND GEAR HAVE ONLY BEEN USED A COUPLE TIMES. And no it does not include any tanks the gun alone is worth much more then what I'm asking.

Comes with
-Halo hopper
-NXe Pod harness
-5 pods
-2 JT masks one of the lenses is not in good shape
-angle jersey
-angle pants
-Tournament style JT knee pads

Contact me at (909) 556 8673 if interested
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