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Ok, im taking some of this from the original upgrade thread from CockerGuy4Life, so tell me what to add and such and i will edit it. This is how i see the upgrades should go but i would love to hear your opinion and again i will edit it.

Remeber an Electronic Trigger Frame such as the Eblade will always be the best thing you can do for your cocker after a elctric hopper and air, but they are expensive (arount $350) so many people like to buy the cheaper upgrades slowly.


AIR, number one with a cocker always get an air tank. Any will do popular brands are ACI, Crossfire, and PMI. Steel tanks are heavier and cheaper, and carbon fiber tanks are lighter and more expensive. Get what fits you budget.

ELECTRIC HOPPER, from my expirence this is much more important than a barrel, because before i got an electric hopper on my gun CHOPPED like CRAZY!!! This is due to the lack of kick on autocockers making them not bounce the balls around in a gravity fed hopper. Revvy and realoaders work great on cocker, i have an egg on mine but it is overkill. I stongly recomend a revvy or realoder because the look good, are pretty fast, and dont have to many problems.

BARREL KIT(or barrel) is the third upgrade. I strongly recomend a kit as opposed to a single barrel because accuracy comes from a tight paint to barrel fit. Kits are definatley worth saving the money for. Kaners are an excellant cheap choice or higher priced kits like the pipe kit or jj edge kit are also amazing. If you just dont have the cash for a kit i would undoubly say get a CP 1 piece barrel. Overall i recomend a kaner kit for a awesome kit at a great price.

PNEUS are definatly the next upgrade. They consist of a 3-Way, Ram, and Low Pressure Reg (LPR). You can get them in any order depending on what you want to be different on your gun. I will start with the 3-Way just because. Personal favs for me are either the FF Bullet or the Besales Hollowpoint, both are ver cheap (about $30) and amazing. Other good 3 ways are the Orracle or CT (basically the same as the orracle). A new LPR is also very important, Palmers Micro Rock is what i tell everyone to kit and what im getting shortly. They are very popular and not very expensive. Two other ones to look at but i would not take over the Micro Rock are the AKA Soda Can, and a WGP Tickler. The last part of the pneumatics is the ram. Probly the best ram is the Besales .44 ram, but at about $53 it is kinda pricey. If you dont want to spend that much but still want a great ram i would get either the FF Pro ram or WGP STO ram.

The next upgrade would be a BOLT. The two most popular bolts are the FF Nylratron, and the WGP Worrblade Bolt. The Worrblade Bolt is less expensive but is made of delrin which is not quite as good as the material nylratron, but i doubt you would notice a difference. A ram that is coming out soon that looks really nice is the Off the Break Blind Bolt, it has a rubber tip so that you will never chop.

After the bolt i would get a new SPRING KIT. These are very cheap and i would just buy one when you order new pneus because they are only about 10 bucks. The only spring kit i would get is the FF kit and it is about 8 bucks, definatly worth the dough.

INLINE REGULATERS are next. They are so far down because the stock ones atleast on WGP guns are very good. 3 great regs are the AKA Sidewinder, CP Reg, and the Gladiator. CP Reg is probly the cheapest, but the AKA is said to be the best but I dont know

VALVES AND HAMMERS come next. For a hammer i would get the FF Valve becuase it does not have to be fully open to operate making it better, but a Eclips valve has no noticable differences.
For a hammer either the Besales REX or the FF Tungsten are number one.

After this you pretty much have a fully upgraded cocker, but there are other things you can do to, but they dont affect preformance. They are feednecks, cockering rods, drops, unis, grips, and many many others.

I will edit this as needed, enjoy and good luck!
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you should add an eblade/worrblade in there sumwhere.
i said it at the top
the ff valve is ecentially the stock valve. just a different material
This is the second cocker upgrade thread, maybe you and MP11 can add your knowledge together, into one thread, less clutter, and more info in one thread.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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