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I have here my baby that i wish i didnt have to let go but must so i can pay for my impy. What u will get
Tippmann 98 Custom
GTA Expansion Chamber
Pro Seal Powertube and Bolt
Double Trigger
Rocket Cock II
Smart Parts Teardrop 14"
Psyhco Ballistics Drop
Macroline Kit

Price: $200 OBO
Will only accept paypal

Note: There are some scratches on the gun. On the bottom of the Expansion chamber and on the drop where i scratched it puttin the macro fitting in. I will get closer pics of the scratches for ya if you want. The gun was just cleaned and re-oiled.

*Extra* I also have a 14inch Dye UL with the old tippmann threads i believe i will let go for about $50-$60 and a Response Trigger i will throw in for a extra $60. Also have a Black 12v x-boared hopper i will sell for $30. All prices i can negotiate with and all the *extras* i will sell seperatly

Pics are in the link in my sig. Any questions just hit me with a email at [email protected] or Aim at Xxcasper1005xX. Thanks for lookin

Edit: HPA tank not for sale. But will throw in a 20oz co2 for no extra charge
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