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2k5 PE Ego
Modded Bolt
New Designz Derlin Bolt Pin
Blue CCU Kit ( feedneck, lpr cap, eye covers, frm, lower part of reg, on/off rail, lower piece under ram cap )
Blue STAR Trigger
Blue PE Grips
360 Macro Fittings ( stock macro's SUCK )
Blue Macro
Blue Hybrid Adjustable Ram Cap
2k6 Hyrbid On/off
Dye Ultralight ( Dust black back, dust blue Front )
Lucky Un1 Board
Haterpb Hater Chip with " militous intent " code

Here are pics

pics do not have the derlin bolt pin, hybrid adj. ram cap, 2k6 hybrid on/off or the dust blue UL tip.

Pm6 with UL Frame and $ or just ALOT of $$
Hybrid Shocker
Infamous Timmy ( the 06 model ONLY )
PL 05 Ego's
PL 06 Ego's ( i add $$ )

Pretty much i will look at any 06 model guns

What i dont want :
Low End Ions,Imps,spyders,tippmans <----anything of that nature

For Cash value ( since i dont really want to sell but will prolly not take lower than this if i do ) $850
If it is not sold by the time i get the 2k6 STAR trigger frame on it the price will be abou $1000..
Offer up!
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