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Well I'm tired of my Ion and would like to be shooting a new gat. I'll have pics up sometime this week, so bare with me.

-Blackheart board
-.689 14" Stiffi
-Macdev QEV
-Red Hyper2
-Red NDZ Roller Trigger

**All stock parts WILL be included-this means reg, trigger, and the board**

Price: Don't really want to sell, but I'll let it go for 275 firm. (Don't argue and tell me it's worth less, you WILL be reported)

-PL Imps
-Ebladed cockers (e1s must be upped)
-Pretty much anything mid-high end

Don't offer me:
-other ions
-low end

Please post before PMing me, and I will respond to all offers

redneck with a blowtorch!
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Pics are nice, but not required.

B/S/T rules said:
5. The usual advertising (pictures, current physical/working conditions, specifications, contact information, etc.) is recommended but not required. However, threads with "Shocker For Sale, $500", or anything similar, as the body will be deleted.
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