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I have a 98 Custom, and I will admit I haven't been playing paintball for very long. I started back in December of 2007, and during my first game, one of the guys I was playing with was used to a different brand of gun (Brass Eagle, I believe). Anyways, he told me in order to increase my speed (it was chronographing at ~160 out of the box), I had to run the velocity screw in. Of course, being me, I have this knack for not reading manuals, and it wasn't until later that I realized what I did was very wrong. I ended up running the velocity screw clockwise all the way into the power tube, to the point where I can't turn it counterclockwise and remove the velocity screw like I should be able to. I have disassembled my entire marker, right down to taking the valve assembly out of the power tube so now it's just the power tube and the velocity screw isolated by themselves. How does one remedy this problem without resorting to buying a new power tube and velocity screw? And when putting the line back in, should I use some sort of teflon tape to seal the threads and refrain from using powerful adhesives?
Thank you,
~Nikolai 77
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