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2003 WGP Green Autococker
Stock Hinge Frame, Stock Body
Custom Products Classic 14" Barrel
Supafly Delrin Bolt
Custom Products Regulator
Palmers Micro Rock LPR
Belsales Hollowpoint 3-way
FreeFlow Spring Kit

Bottomline: Sickest stock bodied mechanical cocker you can buy. All of the upgrades are in chrome. STO Ram is Green. Supafly bolt is Chrome and Black. The gun is timed sooo nicely. Fastest mechanical cocker I have ever shot.
Trigger pull is 3 millimeters. Very light. Super efficient, super consistent, no kick, super sweet. Always ran in HPA.
Sale Specifics
I will accept trades and cash. I am looking for mid end electros such as bushys, imps etc. Cash will be added if needed. If paying cash I will accept anything from $350 and up. Mainly looking for trades though.
I will e-mail pics! Or hit me up on AIM at pdirtrider25
1 - 6 of 6 Posts