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What kind of battey does a Game Face VeXor EYE take, and which battery (as owners) do you guys use specifically?

I was planning on getting the "M&M 2 Bay Wall Charger with 2 9.6V 220mAh Battery Pack Battery," Find it here. I was planning on using the two batteries included in it for my Ricochet Apache LED hopper and then buying another 9.6 volt battery for my Vexor Eye.

For my Vexor Eye, should I get:

1) M&M 9.6V 220mAh Battery Battery

2) Energy Paintball 9V-250mAh Battery This is the battery im looking at for my Vexor Eye, but well the battery charger charge it even though its 250 mAh and the charger comes with 9.6 volt batteries that are 220 mAh?????

3) AVI 9.6 Volt Rechargeable Battery

Do chargers like these charge any 9 or 9.6 volt batteries, or only the ones it says it charges? It obviously charges 9.6-volt NiMH extra-capacity 220 mAh batteries, because that is what it comes with, and it also charges Ni-CD batteries, becuase it says so on the description.

But well it charge any of the three batteries listed above? And if so, which of those three should I get for the Vexor Eye?

Do any of you use one of these batteries, or a different one? If so which one?

Once again, thanks for all of the help all that you have given me and any help that other people can give me.
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