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Used once.
VF Tactical Autococker.
Stock, Comes with Original Box, Manual CD Warranty Card.
Used One time less than a case ran through it.

VL Revvy Hopper (Black)
68/3000 MaxFlo
4 Pod Pack with spot for Remote
Also comes with a remote line and a 20 oz CO2 if you want (Never used on gun)


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Im interested!!
Are you interested in any trades? please reach me on AIM or something to chat, I will show you my offer there!!

Thanks alot!

AIM- bakerboy4697
MSNM/EMAIL- [email protected] no mistakes

thanks again! remember i can add cash!

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Damn i wish i had 400$ i was just looking at this VF and your karni and others, and was about to rate them thinking bout how much i wanted a Tactical.
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