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The World Famous SC Village Presents:
Vietnam: TET Offensive
"Search & Destroy" 24 Hour Paintball Event​

When: July 7th-8th

Where: SC Village Paintball Park - Chino, CA

The Storyline
During the fall of 1987, two questions weighed heavily on the minds of the American Public and the administration of President Lyndon B. Johnson. Was the US strategy of attrition working in South Vietnam, and who was winning the war? According to General William C. Westmoreland, the commander of the Military Assistance Command, the answer could be found by the solution to a simple equation: Take the total number of communist troops estimated in-country and subtract those killed or captured during military operations to determine the “crossover point” at which the number of those eliminated exceeded those recruited or replaced. Provided with an enemy intelligence windfall accrued in recent months, the CIA members of the group believed that the number of communist guerrillas within the South could be as high as 430,000. The choice was made to prepare to meet the threat head on, and so the US forces began to assemble their best and brightest to prepare for what could become one of the most decisive battles in the war.


TET Offensive is a Field Paint Only event
Entry (before June 7th) - $55.00
Entry (after June 7th) - $65.00
Day of - $75.00

Parking Prices
Car - $10/weekend
RV - $20/weekend

The Commanders

General - Big Paul Rexeisen - US Forces
General - Ralph "Tazz" Gonzalez - NVA


Saturday, July 7th
7am... Registration Open
9:30am... Morning Briefing
12:00pm... Battle Begins!
7:00pm... Peace Summit
8:30pm... Night Games Begin

Sunday, July 8th
7:00am... Registration Opens
9:30am... Morning Briefing
10:30am... Battle Resumes!
2:00pm... Final Battle
3:00pm... Prize Giveaway

In addition to epic paintball battles, there will be lots of food and thousands of dollars in raffle giveaways!

Sponsored by: Tippmann, Spyder, Gen X Global, KEE, and Bandit Splats Paintball

SC Village, a member of the Giant Sportz Paintball Park family, has been hosting the highest quality of scenario paintball and airsoft events for over 25 years. Our parks are world famous, are staffed by the best in the business, and we have all the accommodations you need to have the most fun in a worry-free environment. SC Village is located at 8900 Carthy Road, Corona CA 91710 SCVillage - 562.867.9600
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