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waht is the bps

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what is the bps on a 04 bko im thinking of getting a new gun but cannot decide if i want a impulse or a bush master can you help me decide
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its capped at 18 mechanically...

but the board is higher than that..its about the same with an impulse.
Fastest the B2k3's and everything can shoot is about 23 or so. some of the boards like the shocktech one is capped at 66.6 BPS, but no BKO or w/e could reach that speed.
I say get the 04 bko. Its cheaper, and still fast. 18 bps. I can barely even shoot that fast. u can put more into the gun with the money u save from the impy. But, its ur choice.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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