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Full Plastic Jacket: A Scenario & OpFor Paintball Team

Hosted by full plastic jacket paintball. Bring your own gear or borrow some, no rental gear, sorry. July 26th starts at 9pm till 1 or 2. FREE case of grafitti paint for best costume. No field fee but if you dont bring your own air its $10 for all night air. Also field paint only but its really cheap with cases starting at $36 or $10 a bag I think with the higher end graffiti at $12 a bag and redemption at $14 a bag.

If your in Kentucky or the tri-state area or WV, OH then this a great place to play. Cheap as any place you will ever go and professional run. Chrono will be used.

If anybody has any questions feel free to message me. I will answer them or find out.
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