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Okay so 3 years ago, there were 3 speedball fields where i live. Now, there are none. Just one huge recball field, which I love. However, me and some of my team mates wanna make a speedball field. I don't know that much about the speedball leagues. I do know about psp ramping, millenium ramping, and I know that NPPL is semi auto. I want the field to be straight semi auto. I think ramping takes a lot of skill out of paintball.

So my question to those who know the field setups is which would be the easiest and most practical field to create?

Which is your favorite to play?

Which league in your opinion is the best/most popular?

PS: Were lookin at doin just a 3v3 field right now, so it doesnt need to be huge. What dimensions would work?
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