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Just as title says. i want to get on fairly good team that is based in Ga. Preferably southeast ga but w.e.
Also preferably you play MSPA, CFOA, Div. 3 or so PSP
What i shoot and gear i use
2005 PE Ego

Halo B With Rip
WGP 5 pod pack ( fav pack in the world,,,soo comfortable )
Jersey i am wearing right now ( Eclipse distortion 06)
Pants 2006 Evil pants
V-force mask
blah blah blah

Ive been playing for a while now, in my opinion and about everyone that plays/works for in conyers i dont suck.
I play front but can play mid also.
Being a back Player is not my favorite but can if needed.

Dont really want to get with a very new team preferably one with a lil experience and has been playing tourny ball for a while.
But w.e. About nething works as long as you are in tournaments.

You can hit me up on AIM- Freshmantakovr05
email [email protected]
or on here.

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