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I got a sweet pimped out 2k5 blue vision impulse

WAS board
Macro line
New Internals
Smart Parts LPR
Smart Parts twisty feedneck (lowrise)
Shocktech ball detent
Shocktech supafly bolt
Shocktech brass hammer
Shocktech dropforward
Shocktech on/off
New Designz Blade Trigger
Dye Sticky 5 Grips
Vision eye
MaxFlo Regulator
Freak Barrel (Stainless Steel back and Freak front 14 in.)


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If your still looking..

I have a Green Vision Impulse. Will find pics soon, then will post up. Will add a stubby 72/45k tank.

Specs :
New Designz R.I.P Valve
New Designz Stubby Bolt
Freak Barrel
A Aluminum Eye Cover (Other one was ugly and plastic)
CP Roller Bearing Speed Trigger ( Has a magnetic mod done to it)
CP Rail With An On-Off
72/45k STUBBY HP Crossfire Tank

600? Sound fair? Please send me a PM, I bought it used, and I got out of paintball right after. If no tank then like 500 sound fair?
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