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Whats up everybody. I guess im what you would call an OG i started playing paintball as a kid in the mid 90s. I still remember my first marker a tippman prolite god im old... i played for 10+ years and even got to a fairly competitive level traveling for tournaments in the early 2000s. Back when Autocockers and Angels ruled the day.

Well i havent owned a marker in years, havent even shot one in over a decade. I will keep my reasons confidential but i need a marker and one that i can get the FPS up to 350-400. I am assuming the markers these days being electronic probably dont go much if any over 300fps.

But i remember back in the day you could jack em up real good. I had a tippman 98 at one point and bought an external velocity adjuster and combined with opening the internal velocity adjuster and cranking down the knob i could crono 500fps consistently. Combine that with my $30 J&J ceramic barrel and proball brand paintballs and i rarely broke balls even shooting that hot.

Was wondering if anyone has an old toy they are willing to sell (does not have to be a tippman 98) that will fit the bill?

Help a brother out!!
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