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Wanted- tube holder thingy

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Wanted- pack w/ tubes

i need a pack, i need tubes to, l if anyone has one for cheap id appreciate it
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I may have a pack with pods if interested.
yes i am, how much??
It is a brass eagle 4 pod holder with a center pouch for a tank. I dont have suspenders that could go with it. I have a picture of them. PM me your email and I will send it.
how much u got? I got a blue Redz dimension 4+3 with medium comfort belt used twice, with redz pods which i just made some pod shocks for them (foam on the lids so paint wont bounce and break)
ill sell you a harness with 4 pods brand new for 20bux email me at [email protected] if interested
harness is the "proper" term
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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