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Guns, bad guys, flash bangs and hostages to rescue. Just a normal days work for
an elite counter terrorist team. Our Kill House event is a real challenge. The
game play is fast paced, tactical and above all fun. We are going to kit you out
with everything you need to really look the part. Body armour, tactical vest, eye
protection, helmets, armoured gloves.

If you are a fan of first person shooter games then this event will blow your
socks off!

Live the dream, this is as real as it gets!

1. Thinking of holding a Stag or Birthday Party?
60% of our customers visit WarFighters to celebrate a friends birthday or
marriage. We would love to host your special event and do our best to make it a
day to remember for years to come.

2. BUY Tickets: Checking Dates
We list all of our forthcoming games dates for you to choose from. If there is a
date that's not been listed you can request that we reserve it for you. Just call
our office, or check the event dates for more details.

3. Weapons: Cutting Edge, Military Training System
We use paintball markers in the kill house. We use our markers in very much the
same way as the police and army use, simunitions for training. Our makers are
also powereddown to reduce injuries. Currently our assault rifles are pimped up
Tippmann X7's. Very sexy.

4. Booking Details

To Book please contact us on 512-535-4094 or email us at [email protected].

5. How Much Is It?

You can play from only $39.99 per person. Entry price includes all your tactical gear, weapon hire and 300 paintballs.
Like any paintball game you will need to buy more ammo if you are a heavy shooter. Additional paintballs can be purchased
between games:

Tactical Pod (50 paintballs) $4.00

6. Your Day At WarFighters

We get asked this question a lot. To be honest we don't like to divulge too much of what goes on as it could give your
enemies a tactical advantage. We have put together a rough outline of what a day entails and some of the missions you
will play.

7. Mugshots: Flickr Gallery

We take your teams photograph and upload it to our Flickr account. You can then download your
photo and save it to your computer to print off, or use as a screen saver. Photo's stay on the server for 2 months.

8. Where To Play

You can download a full map and directions page from this website. Please don't trust your Sat-Nav.

In Summary:

•All protective gear provided
•FREE ammunition
•Use shotguns, pistols and assault rifles
•Force-on-force gaming
•Fast paced action scenarios
•Game after game!
•Close engagement distance, extreme CQB
•Custom built facility with smoke machines, sound system
•Tactically challenging rooms to clear
•20 players MAX / 4 teams ensures quality gaming

Warfighters USA Official Site
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