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I have pictures of everything if interested, just leave an email I will get them to you

Warped Monkey Cocker
I have a warped monkey 2 cocker for sale!!
First let me say the pics don’t do this gun any justice

-orange and red marble warped monkey 2 cocker
-matching front and back blocks
-carbon fiber barrel
-BOA Express barrel
-matching boom stick
-chrome vertical feed tube
-chrome asa adaptor
-chrome benchmark 45 frame
-chrome ans gen x reg
-wgp swing trigger
-chrome clippard ram
-chrome 15 degree kapp asa
-chrome shocktech bomb 3 way (new O-Rings)
-chrome jack hammer
-orange dye stickys
-chrome spanky bolt
-ans volumizer
-chrome beaver tail
-black macro line/black rase tank cover
-12 volt rev
-benchmark cradle

Really want to sell Make offer
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