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Hey guys,

got a used warsensor zeus pistol up for grabs. My friend gave it to me a while back when I was getting into paintballing. Other sports caught my attention and I put the pistol in a box in my closet. I unfortunately dont know what condition the gun is in so I am selling it as is. Only cosmetic problem is the cocking handle broke off due to the recoil. I just electrical taped it together and screwed it back on and it hasnt fallen off. I know the gun cylces, i put in a 12g CO2 cartridge and dry fired a few shots.

What you get:

Warsensor Pistol
2 mags
leg holster
7 12g CO2 cartridges

All for 125 via paypal. Buyer pays shipping via USPS.

email me for faster response: [email protected]

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