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Was'd Impulse:

2k4 Impulse
WAS Equalizer board with Eye.
OTB Frame (Just like an Angel)
OTB magnetic trigger (you can 3-finger this thing)
Full Freak Kit 2-piece Barrel system (8 inserts and case)
Smart-Parts LPR
NDZ Lightweight Ram
NDZ Tapeworm
Strange White Derlin Bolt (For Reflective mode on WAS board)
Low-Rize twist-clamp Feedneck
NW Drop-Forward with On/Off
Vertical Max-Flow Regulator.

You WILL NOT find a faster Impulse than one with a WAS board. I have broken exactly
0 balls with this marker. It'll rip as fast as you can pull the trigger. The WAS board is
infinitely adjustable, and HIGHLY unavailable right now. The OTB frame takes an impulse
to a whole other level. Really makes the thing easy to walk your fingers. You'd spend about
$1,1000 to duplicate this. I'm asking for $750.



I'm interested in an Angel 4 or maybe a DM4, or a newer Timmy. I'll certainly add cash
where I need to. Let's see what-cha got.
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