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ways to increase chance of paintballs breaking?

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Will the higher quality paintballs have a better chance of breaking when they hit someone? and are there any other ways to increase the chances of them breaking.
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higher quality paint usually has a higher % of not bouncing, unlike the cheap stuff, which either breaks in your gun or bounces
Yeah but don'y worry about spending money on marbs or anything like that unless its a tournament.
Yeah you don't need to buy any too expensive unless its a tourney i usually buy premiums they break great on impact.
lets hear it for blue streaks, best paintballs, ever, 1000 for 20 bux at wally world, lol, jk
what do u mean?
yea, antime you hit a guy in the gun, its goin to break, or if u shoot them in the lense if their mask, byut not the other stuff, because some masks, like the proflex, are designed to create bounces
heh, i've actually had a ball bounce right off my lens.. it wasn't even an angled shot, it was dead on, and it just ricocheted right off.. it was some real bad severe paint, not that all severe paint is bad but this was just aweful.

anyway, bakc on topic.. i'd stay away from zap sport, diablo heat, marbs (they're hard!), zap rec-series (i'm not sure if it's different from sport), blue streak, any brass eagle stuff.. umm.. that's all i can think of right now of very bouncy paint i've used.
eh, i was reffing one day and i caught a stream of paint on my lense, no breaks. so yeah. that doesnt always work.

i just throw a paper towel in the bag with the paint when i open it. takes out moisture and makes em pretty brittle, but i have a level 10 so i dont really reccomend it for anyone but lvl 10 users
Level 10 ? I don't get it
its a tye of bolt kit on mags that is really loght on the paint, which hardly ever breaks paint
Push the ball out of the marker.
Caps off. Then head over to the new player forum.
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