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hey im selling a angel lcd 2k2 for 700 or your best offer(it costed me 1150). the guns amazing, i use it as a back up gun but i havent been paintballing as much latly and i need some cash. its in good condition, ive done some work on it. it fires at 20pbs+ . i have a few pics of it if your interested. as an extra ill throw in a revo 2 and a 48 ci/3000psi crossfire tank (some stuff i have that i dont need) email me at [email protected] or if u have aim im xsniperpenguinx

LCD screen with multiple functions
double trigger frame with cobra double trigger
delrin shocktech bolt for maximum efficiency and performance
WDP 2k3 regulator
custom milled body
new ANS dropforward (adjustable)

47ci 3000psi Crossfire HPA nitro tank
VL 12v Revolution hopper w/ X-board and Vortex Impeller
1 - 5 of 5 Posts