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Yeah the double post!

Gumby on a STICK: we got osama!
CockerGuy4Life: SEROIUS?!?!?!?!?!
Gumby on a STICK: yeah
Gumby on a STICK: bastard in iran
CockerGuy4Life: like today?
CockerGuy4Life: the ak-47 prick
Gumby on a STICK:
CockerGuy4Life: kk..I'll read later....gotta do local forums first :)
Gumby on a STICK: k k
CockerGuy4Life signed off at 1:56:06 AM.


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I'm sorry, but the title of this is pretty damn tasteless. It's almost making a mockery of the people who are fighting and who have died trying to get bin Laden. I dunno, but if I was you I'd be pretty damn ashamed.
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