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Hello and thank you for reading this post.

I am proposing a trade, an ecommerce website for a paintball gun.

This is great if you own a store or are considering selling paintball equipment online!

First the cart:


Includes: full design, integration, and setup. This is a website out of the box package. It offers everything you need to start selling products on the site as well as 3 non-product pages, “Home, Policy, Contact”

Below is a link to the cart specs as well as the F.A.Q. on the cart:

Here is the gun I am interested in:

Smart Parts VISION Shocker 05 ORANGE
Drop & Vertical Regulator with Nerve Board


HALO B Paintball Z Loader Black Rip Drive VICTORY +CONE
Stiffi Paintball Carbon Barrel 16" "of course need smart parts thread"
DYE 68 CI 4500 psi Compressed air tank

Apparently the best thing for this gun is a low pressured tank I don’t know what this means but I’m sure you do.

If we could do this deal I could assure you would get a great site.

Please call me to discuss the details!

I’m sure I will get many calls on this so please call at your earliest convenience; I hope to make a decision soon.

Dave Thomas
NY: 917-779-9960
CT: 203-437-4355
FL: 954-567-5697
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