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this field put up the pics of their fall scenario, best one ive been to so far.. i made it in one of the pics. im in the back ground. right behind the dude in the white medic shirt

my buddy made it in two, heres a good one of em.. the one standing with the impulse

it was an amazing day, WAY better then last years.. i kicked so much ass at it this year.

I remember early in the day the enemy had the 'mall' (a compound) and my team was trying to take it back. I just came in on an insertion and see like 20-25 people cramed behind this pillbox all trying to snap shoot across a ravine into the wide ass mall..

So i run up and just yell at em to spread left and right and flank the edges. and too make sure you keep them all in the mall.. i get a group of like 6 people and tell em we are running into the ravine. we order cover fire and make the run. i crawl up the side.. dash to the mall and surrendered at least 5 people all around it.. the rest were wipped out by my flanks.. i surrendered the other teams general getting my team 250 points. I made my around taking out everyone and raised the flag to get more points.

basically the whole day was like, it was kick ass
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