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Western Wars

The GAME: WESTERN WARS pits the Soldiers and Settlers that are trying to take over the land against the Native American Warriors that are trying to take back their land. Both sides will be fighting over FORT WORR and various outposts and camps throughout the land for control with a total of 13 flags. These also include APACHE BUTTE, BLUE'S BORDELLO, DEUCE'S DEN, DEATH VALLEY BRIDGE, ENGLER'S OUTPOST, GRIZZLY TRAP, HACIENDA, PONY EXPRESS STATION, OK CORRAL, OUTLAW LAIR, SUE'S SALOON, TOM'S TRAIN STATION, and JAB'S STILL.

Both sides have an equal amount of fighters and each objective will be checked every 30 minutes to see who is in control. The various flag stations will be worth different amounts of points depending on proximity to the insertion points. Point Values are shown in the rules. Control of each outpost and compound will be designated by whose flag is flying, Red for Native Warriors and Yellow for Soldiers and Settlers.

There will also be gold given to each of the commanders before the game which can be used to purchase either Gun Runners Inserts in various parts of the field, Dynamite to blow up the opposition in any objective, or Whiskey to make it easier to take over an objective. Insertions will be every 10 minutes with a 3 minute window and one team will enter by the Museum while the other team will enter at the Campground Parking. The S & S will have 3 Corpsmen that will be able to heal wounded Settlers and Soldiers and the Warriors will have 3 Medicine Men that can do the same. Throughout the game, commanders will receive missions every 30 minutes to run to gather more points and can combine their gold purchases with their players to complete their missions.

NIGHT PLAY: There will be a number of different competitions held throughout the evening between the two teams to earn points for their side points including a Hot Dog Eating Contest produced by Team WILDCARDS, One on One Quick Draws, Horseshoes, 5 Card Stud, Texas Holdem, Black Jack, and B-Pong. The TEAMS: The NATIVE WARRIORS will be led by CHIEF HERCULES of team UNDERTAKERS and his War Chief WIDE GUY of team VOODOO. The SOLDIERS and SETTLERS will be led by GENERAL ANDREW P. POTTER of the DXS ARMY.

PRICING: The cost per player for Entry is ONLY $45 for the entire weekend of WESTERN WORRS if Pre-paid by 6/10/11 or $55 for the entire weekend of play at the event. ALL ENTRY FEES INCLUDE CHOICE OF UNLIMITED CO2 & COMPRESSED AIR or the Standard Rental Package consisting of a TIPPMANN 98 Semi-Auto Marker, Goggles, CO2 Bottle, and CO2.

For groups of 25 or more players that prepay by 6/10/11 at one time as one group, there is a $5 per player discount and the organizer or Team Captain gets free entry. For groups of 50 or more players that prepay by 6/10/11 at one time as one group, there is a $10 per player discount and two organizers or Team Captains get free entry.

PAINTBALLS for the WESTERN WARS will be BLUE'S CREW DXS Custom Paintballs by PROCAPS and will sell for $80.19 per case of 2000 plus 6% PA sales tax: Total $85.00 per case. If you pay cash for a case of paintballs at the event, there is a cash discount of $4.71 a case making the price per case $75.48 plus 6% PA sales tax: Total $80 per case. PREPAID DISCOUNTS: If you prepay for 1 to 9 Cases at one time by the Pre-Reg date of 6/10/11, your total cost will be $75 per case. If you Prepay for 10 to 24 cases at one time by the Pre-Reg date of 6/10/11, your total cost will be $70 per case. If you Prepay for 25 to 50 cases at one time by the Pre-Reg date of 6/10/11, your total cost will be $65 per case. There are no Bulk Paint Discounts at the events, only if Pre-Paid by Pre-Reg date of 6/10/11. Maximum of 50 cases can be purchased by one entity at one time at discounted price. ONLY EMR'S CUSTOMIZED WORR PAINT MAY BE USED FOR WESTERN WORRS!

REGISTRATION: To Pre-Register for this event by 6/10/11 online with a Credit Card, please click HERE. To Pre-Register for this event by 6/10/11 via Mail, please click HERE to print out a form to mail. For Pass Holders to Pre-Register for this event by 6/10/11, please click HERE. Printing out a waiver and filling it out before coming to registration speeds up the process and can be done HERE.

Game Timetable: WESTERN WORRS will start promptly at 12:00 noon on Saturday morning and end at 2:00 pm Sunday. Chronoing and issuing armbands for all players on the SOLDIERS & SETTLERS and NATIVE WARRIORS will start at 8:00 am behind the Rec. Center. Upon being chronoed, ID tags will be punched by a ref and one arm will be taped. Player's will be randomly chronoed throughout the game when they reenter and by roving Chrono Cops while playing.

Equipment: Only Semi-Auto and Pump Markers are allowed and no full-auto, turbo, or multi-round burst modes permitted. Mortars can be used that shoot only paintballs, but must be fired at a 45 degree angle or higher and with a ref present. No equipment is allowed that fires a projectile, grenade, or balloon. No LAWS or Hand Cannons allowed that can fire more than one paintball at a time directly at a player. Hand Thrown Paint Grenades are allowed but recommend using colors other than Blue as Splatter does not count from paintballs. NO SMOKE USE IS ALLOWED BY PLAYERS.

Age Requirements: Minimum age required to play in WESTERN WORRS is 10 years old. 10 and 11 year olds must have an adult of 18 years old or older playing with them. All players under 18 years old must have a Liability Waiver/Medical Release completely filled out and signed by a parent to play.

Overnight Stay: Lodging is FREE in our BUNKHOUSES and on our CAMPSITES, but should be reserved in advance with Pre-registration. Walk-on players are not guaranteed spots in bunkhouses or campsites. To reserve your own BUNKHOUSE, you need to pre-register at least 15 players and pre-pay a $50 refundable deposit. If you have less than 15 players, you will be assigned to a bunkhouse and share it with other players but do not need to make a deposit. We recommend bringing sleeping bags, pillows, and air mattresses for your stay.

Campsites for tents and campers are 20' x 20' for up to three campers and 20' x 40' for 4 or more campers and require a refundable $20 deposit. RV sites are 20' x 40'; however there is no water or electric hook-ups for the RVs. There is running water and a sink to clean up in and Porta-Johns for toilets. For showers there is a campground 4 miles away that charges $4 to use their bathroom and shower facility and there is a Flying J Truck Stop one exit below our exit on Rt. 81 that offers Shower Facilities and Dinner Buffets. Deposits for Bunkhouses and Campsites will be returned after an EMR employee checks the bunkhouse or campsite to make sure that it is clean and all garbage has been sorted and no damage has been done as according to the Bunkhouse and Campsite Rules listed on the webpage and signed for when checking in.

Players are welcome to arrive anytime after Thursday, 6/23/11 and stay through Monday, 6/27/11. ANY TEAMS or GROUPS of PLAYERS that would like to RENT THEIR OWN PORTA-JOHN for the WEEKEND, they can do that by contacting SUBURBAN SEPTIC at (888) 775-3693 and ask for Yvonne. You should bring your own padlock if you wish to lock it. YOU CAN CHECK YOUR CAMPSITE AND BUNKHOUSE RESERVATION ASSIGNMENTS after 6/13/11 BY CLICKING HERE.

Food: UNCLE CHARLIES PIZZA will be selling a variety of food for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Saturday and Breakfast and Lunch on Sunday. You may also bring your own food and grills to prepare food or go to one of the many restaurants and fast food places within 10 miles of EMR. There will be snacks and beverages available in the store during all open hours.

Player's Party: EMR will be hosting a WESTERN THEMED party up in the Rec. Center for all players 21 or more years old plus the various Card games for points will be going on. It will start at 8:00 pm on Saturday in the Rec. Center. Must be 21 to attend the party and to consume alcoholic beverages. IDs will be checked and age requirements will be strictly enforced. The traditional bon fire will be blazing by the bunkhouses.

Museum: Team CARTER'S COMMANDO will be hosting the INTERNATIONAL PAINTBALL MUSEUM Hours on Saturday with knowledgeable old school teammates on hand. Go check out the history of paintball.

5:00 PM Store Opens for Registration and Paint Sales: Chrono put out for Self Chrono
5:00 PM Compressed Air & CO2 Stations Open
10:00 PM Store Closes
Compressed Air & CO2 Stations Close

8:00 AM Store, Pre-Registration and Registration Windows, Chronos, Compressed Air Stations, CO2 Stations, Paint Sales, OPEN FOR BUSINESS
11:00 AM Chrono at Rec Center Closes for Safety Orientation and Game Rules
Safety Orientation and Game Rules Given at the STAGE
5:00 PM Whistles blow and all players report to their commanders at Insertion
5:15 PM Play restarts
6:00 PM On Field Play Ends. Dinner Break
6:30 PM Hot Dog Eating Contest starts at Picnic Pavillion, Stone Throwing contest starts at Shooting Range, ages 13 to 16.
7:00 PM Foot Race behind Rec. Center, ages 10 to 12.
7:30 PM One on One Quickdraws behind Rec. Center.
8:00 PM Horseshoes at Horseshoe Pits.
9:00 PM Black Jack, 5-Card Stud, B-Pong, Texas Holden starts upstairs in Rec. Center.
12:00 PM Rec. Center Closes

7:00 AM Store, Chronos, Compressed Air Stations, CO2 Stations, and Paint Sales, OPEN
8:00 AM Chronos close for Safety Orientation
Safety Orientation
1:00 AM Stand down for Final Battle Prep
1:30 AM Final Battle Starts-Points every 5 minutes
2:00 PM Final Battle Ends-Game Over
2:30 PM Ceremony and Prize Giveaways on Stage
4:00 PM Store Closes

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