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For sale is an WGP Autococker Trilogy Sport package deal, everything is new and never used, except for the JT mask which was loaned out one time at an airsoft event (I'm including the mask in as a freebie as I no longer have use for it) .

This package includes a new WGP Autococker Trilogy Sport (never fired), new VL Evlution 3 hopper (195 ball capacity, feeds 23 balls per second), New and never filled Guerrilla Air 48ci 3000 PSI HPA tank (Marking on tank is as follows: DOT3AL3000 M0502 TC3ALM207 48cu DCEC 02A10 A055490), used JT mask. Autococker user manual and DVD also included.

Note that on the back of the HPA tank, theirs a small blemish were a scratch removed some paint, shown in the picture below.

You get everything you need to start playing, I'm selling this because money is tight and I've yet to get back into the game. I would like to get $145.00 for everything, this price includes shipping cost. I except payment through Paypal.

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