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what about bob long defiants?

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the title seems a bit biased towards intimidators, bob long also made the defiant (well distributed under threir title) so there for the title should be altered to say just simple bob long.
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Whats your point?
must i explain myself to you? Is my point not clear enough?

here ill make it clearer

BOB LONG also includes defiant, so it should be under the title.
ya i agree plus it sounds cheesy, just call it Bob Long; plus they made cockers at one time, and the pic thread names sound ****ty too
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Ne ways, The reason it says Bob Long Intimidator is Becuase Bob Long only made defiants are modifying BKO's that where already made by ICD. Bob Long aslo MAde autococker and Spyder which he modifed from already made models. He stopped doing that a long time ago and ONLY makes the Intimdator which has been since about 2001 or so. Hense bob Long Intimdator forum.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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