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Budget - VL EyeForce. $50, 20 bps, eyes, holds 200.
Value - Invert Halo Too. $70, 20-somethign bps, sound activated, holds 180. Physically identical to the HaloB/EmpireB other than the material the shell is made from.
High End - Empire Prophecy. $100. 30-something bps, sound or rf activated, holds 230, can get a 200 or 300 front. EASY to clean. Great lid. Newer ones come with a metal feedneck insert that won't break.

Would get my vote if they dropped it down $10 - Pinokio. $110. 30-something bps. Bend sensor activated. Holds 250 or 400 depending on nose. Also can get a 200 nose. Easy to clean. Nice lid, WILL NOT CHOP PAINT. I have also never personally seen one of these jam. However, being more expensive than the Prophecy makes them harder to recommend.

My personal recommend against list.
Dye Rotor. $150. 30-something bps, cam driven so always on but doesn't chop when not feeding, holds 180. Heaviest hopper available. Fast and great battery life, but also will NOT shoot reball. Has major problems if you use really small bore paint that has a bit of a sticky shell like some paint is getting to be today. For it's capacity, drastically overpriced.
Viewloader Evlotion 4. $80. 20-something bps, eyes, holds 200. Backheavy, feednecks have been notoriously fragile in previous incarnations. Shells famouisly fragile in previous incarnations. Lousy battery life. The lid is HORRIBLE. Worst speedfeeds due to the poor lid design.
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