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what is ''debounce''

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just wanted to know what it was
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with many electronic guns there is a micro swith controling the trigger. With these micro switch it is different then a mechanical gun with a sear much like a spyder. With the electo gun the trigger normally trips the microswitch which then sends signals to the solenoid that controls gas flow. What debounce then is when the microswitch is at a light enough stage that it cant tell the difference between a real pull and a vibration. So when you get into amazing new boards they have to control the microswitch to prevent it from spitting out bursts or full auto fire. Debounce specifically aplies to the was board and I remember at a time that WAS or wicked air sports was trying to legal lock there name to the debounce word so others couldn't make money off of them.
When a gun is firing more than one shot for a pull then it is 'bouncing' thats illegal in tourny play

there is also mechanical bounce which occours in some gun that makes it so that it the gun is still firing out of kick rather than the trigger pull. Sorry if i didn't help as much as needed this is a rough issue to get around..pretty much if your bouncing its bad and you want it to use a computer to control the trigger at certain levels on my timmy it was from 2.0-20.0 with tenths all though. Some boards start with 1.
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