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i sold my upped 98c to this guy in canada. hers our convo today about him getting it. what should i do?

[19:22] silentsniper787: ok man.,,,,,,,,,
[19:22] bstan1214: yeah? u get it?
[19:22] silentsniper787: the response makes it full auto right?
[19:23] bstan1214: if u sweet spot it
[19:23] silentsniper787: ok well one.
[19:23] bstan1214: yeah?
[19:23] silentsniper787: the line from the response doesnt even go into the side of the gun
[19:23] bstan1214: what do you mean?
[19:23] bstan1214: it popped out?
[19:23] silentsniper787: yeah
[19:23] silentsniper787: and it does not go back in man
[19:24] bstan1214: i gotta have some pics so i can help you get it toge\ther then
[19:24] bstan1214: it was in wen i sent it
[19:24] silentsniper787: and the stock...
[19:24] bstan1214: whats wrong with it?
[19:24] silentsniper787: it swivles all over the place
[19:24] silentsniper787: like its not secured
[19:24] bstan1214: tighten the screw
[19:24] silentsniper787: and there is one screw missing from the asa
[19:25] bstan1214: arg are you sure? its not in the baggie?
[19:25] silentsniper787: yeah
[19:25] silentsniper787: i might be able to find something tho
[19:25] bstan1214: ok ill get it for you and send it with the other one
[19:26] silentsniper787: u havent sent it yet?
[19:27] bstan1214: i missed the mail man...had to stay a lil after school
[19:27] silentsniper787: the remote doesnt work
[19:27] silentsniper787: like the on off or anything
[19:28] bstan1214: what do u mean doesnt work
[19:28] silentsniper787: my friend was there to witness it man
[19:28] bstan1214: ok r u sure ur doin it rright?
[19:28] silentsniper787: it only worked when we screwed a tank into the asa
[19:28] bstan1214: did u use the remote right?
[19:28] bstan1214: like u know how?
[19:28] silentsniper787: yeah
[19:28] bstan1214: to use the on off and get the tank in?
[19:28] silentsniper787: you screw it into the asa
[19:29] silentsniper787: and the valve where the tank is is the on off
[19:29] bstan1214: u screw in the tank to the remote, screw the remote to the gun, scrwe the blue piece into the tank, and push the switch thing forward to let air in
[19:29] bstan1214: like is it leaking or what?
[19:30] silentsniper787: ok
[19:30] silentsniper787: i did everythin right
[19:30] silentsniper787: and it wont even fire the gun
[19:31] silentsniper787: and when i try to take it off
[19:31] bstan1214: whats not working though?
[19:31] silentsniper787: it lets all the c02 out
[19:31] bstan1214: leak or what
[19:31] silentsniper787: idk wat the problem is
[19:31] silentsniper787: i think this would be best if you just sent me back my 80 bux and some money for shipping
[19:31] silentsniper787:
[19:31] bstan1214: ok do you have a shop to take it to and ask someone to set it up for you? it always worked for me...i mean this gun never showed me problems
[19:32] silentsniper787: yeah but htat means putting extra money into it
[19:32] silentsniper787: and i also dont think this is worth 230 shipped b/c of the condition and the remote doesnt even work man
[19:32] bstan1214: what extrra money? they would charge to put it together correctly
[19:32] silentsniper787: yeah
[19:33] silentsniper787: and like fix the problem with the response thing
[19:33] bstan1214: bring it to your shop and deduct what they charge
[19:33] bstan1214: but show me a recipt or something
[19:33] silentsniper787: ok i will
[19:33] bstan1214: cuz it all worked wen i sent it so i think maybe u didnt put it together right or something jiggled lose in shipping
[19:34] silentsniper787: idk
[19:34] silentsniper787: maybe
[19:34] bstan1214: so u have a shop to bring it to?
[19:34] silentsniper787: maybe
[19:34] silentsniper787: a bour an hour from here
[19:34] bstan1214: im really sorry about all this man
[19:34] silentsniper787: yeah
[19:35] bstan1214: ill do w/e you want me to do to help you get this all sorted out
[19:35] silentsniper787: k
[19:35] bstan1214: and at the worst with the remote, keep it and just send the original 220 not 230
[19:35] bstan1214: if they cant get it working
[19:35] bstan1214: might be an oring worn out
[19:36] silentsniper787: yeah
[19:36] silentsniper787: i might be able to get it driven out to the shop alright
[19:36] silentsniper787: so ill let you know what happens
[19:36] bstan1214: ok im sorry
[19:37] silentsniper787: yeah it should all work out
[19:37] bstan1214: ok good...i hope ur happy in the end
[19:37] silentsniper787: me to
[19:38] silentsniper787: i would almost rather ship it bakc tho..
[19:38] silentsniper787: so i dont have to deal with the problem you know
[19:40] bstan1214: if you really want to i will, but if theres a way to prevent it, could you? i mean i went through troble too and i didnt back out on you when i found out about customs
[19:41] silentsniper787: i know
[19:41] bstan1214: so are you gonna try the local place?
[19:42] silentsniper787: yeah

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how the hell do a 98c break down? That guy definitly messed up a fitting or something. Musta had happy hands and no knowledge of the manuel.

I only hope ur sale goes through and u don't have to resell. Musta been hard finding a buyer in the 1st place.

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seriously this is why 3rd parties are great. he could just be a pain in your ass and feel like bugging the hell out of you. he probably broke it and is now making it sound lke it is your fault. thats why it also a good idea to show a video to him with it workingebfore you send it. you did the right thing though. take it to a shop and offer to pay for costs.

He gon' get it!
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Uncle_T said:
seriously this is why 3rd parties are great. he could just be a pain in your ass and feel like bugging the hell out of you. he probably broke it and is now making it sound lke it is your fault. thats why it also a good idea to show a video to him with it workingebfore you send it. you did the right thing though. take it to a shop and offer to pay for costs.

I agree, theres no way that that many things went wrong during shipping, if the gun was fine when it left you like you said it was. I think he messed up.

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Dude, Id just eat the 30 bucks in shipping and get it back. And chalk it up to a lesson learned. And theres no way in Heck Id send it without getting all the money first.. But once you get it back try to sell it locally, or e-bay it as is with no warranty, etc.

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god i hate it when crap like that happens. first off the usps tosses every package around like its got nothing but peanuts inside. Second thier tracking sucks... okay off the usps soapbox.

Tell him to get it fixed himself and that its always been fine for you. Damn canadians(no offence D)

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This sounds fishy...maybe he got it, stripped the parts, wants to give it back to you, claiming it dosent work, so he can get his money back, and keep your parts, and then when you get the gun back, theres nothing on it, and you just lost alot of money....

Now that would suck....alot.

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Remote- It could be that he is using it wrong. When he says the CO2 leaks out, thats becuase he unscrewed the remote from teh gun. The first thing you do is screw the remote into the gun. Then you unscrew the blue knob. Then you screw the tank in, and screw in the blue knob, your gun will gas up.

Th stock, as you said, is as simple as one screw.

Guy sounds like a oser to me, but you could be th eloser too. Whenever you sell something, tell them about every problem. IT might not sell as fast or as good as you want it, but it will prevent this.
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